Strategies and Odds at Roulette

Knowing the different combinations roulette and know how to calculate the odds is the only way to win at roulette. Take a look here.

Each round of the game is unknown and the outcome is never determined by the previous round. After eight consecutive blacks in fact, a black man has the same chance to get out of the red.

It can be argued that even for a long period of time is the red black have the same chance of winning.In fact, they are both winners. First of all we have to reason, because each round of the game has the same chances of winning.

Although the results may vary in the course of the game, we might see out the number “laggard” and quickly doubled our bets, the famous Martingale system, used by most novice players. In order to simplify the calculations, we can arrogate that the roulette wheel has no zeros, but only 18 reds and 18 blacks.

Consider that:

For example, on 1 million revolutions of the roulette in theory you could have 500,000 red and 500,000 blacks.
now, we know that they do not come in turn one at a time, one would expect to see two, three, four or more consecutive of one of the two colors.

According to this analysis we consider 8 consecutive blacks as in the example.
If you were to count all the cases in which should go out eight blacks in a row, followed by a red, we also find, too, the same sequence of eight blacks in a row, followed by one black (9 blacks in a row).

You can also find the same number of consecutive red, making it equal to the total of reds and blacks. If you have a simulator roulette on our main computer, try it.
This means that 8 consecutive blacks, have the same ability to output 8 consectutivi red, with the percentage stops at 50%.

Therefore, if you bet on red, after blacks in a row, or if scommetiamo after 8 consecutive red on black, we would have the same winning percentage (50%). So, no matter how many times in a row bait black or red, because for every probability, for example, 8, 10 or 20 blacks in a row, followed by a red, there will be the same possibility of 8, 10 or 20 blacks of row followed by a black man.

You do not know just which of the two sequences will be released first. These are likely to take in the roulette.
After eight blacks in a row, the chances of winning are still at 50 and 50 if you bet on red or black.

With the number “latecomer” doubles your chances of winning:

It is a known fact that many players are waiting four blacks in a row before playing and then start pointing to double your winnings on red up to four times (or more) if they are at a loss.

In doing so, the players believe they have an advantage over the other on the odds of 4 blacks without betting. In fact, if you use this strategy, there are many possibilities to conclude advantage over the other.

We might be wrong, but let’s look at these numbers:

Starting from a bet, if you double your bet up to four times on red and win, you would win a bark (a token). If you lose pointing up to the fourth episode, you may lose up to 15 chips (1 +2 +4 +8 = 15).All this makes us understand that in 16 attempts lost, you will lose all 15 previous wins.

Now, try the same strategy to double, but now betting on red and black. That is, we do not know what came out earlier, we aim at will on both the red on black and on different tables (all folders).

We know that if we lost we can double our bet, up to 4 times. For a long time we could get the same results as the same color or a table and begin to raise our bet.

The fact is that it is the probability of release of a color, but you can lose up to 4 times in a row on a bet given to 50 and 50%, ie 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1 / 2 = 1/16. On average you will win 15 times in a row and lose once every 16 attempts. The ultile net is 0.

The Martingale system is in fact based on the probability of losing infinite times in a row.

Although in theory it is infallible, the Martingale system works positively if the player has a bankroll almost unlimited (for example the Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the red can go up to 39 times in a row), and if the casino does not limit the maximum value of the single bet. 

If you run out of money or reached the limit of the house (the casino), you can lose a lot, with no possibility of recovery.

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