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Roulette Online, How and Where to Play
Although nowadays there are a myriad of online casino games, and although some of these have undermined the great classics in the preferences of the fans, roulette remains the queen of casino games.

Do you want because it is one of the first games to have been created in the casinos (both land-based and virtual), or because its charm has been celebrated in many literary works, but roulette is one of those games that really can not be do without.

On this page we will discuss in depth of its history, of its rules of how to approach it the right way and also demystify some myths that too often leads beginners to play roulette the wrong way.


The game of roulette involves the use of a numbered wheel and a rug on which to place the bets.

The croupier (virtual or real, if you choose to play with one of the online casinos that offer live games), at the beginning of each round of the game is to run a ball in the opposite direction to the movement of the wheel: the ball, stopping his run one of the boxes that divide the wheel itself (colored red or black, except for the 0 green), marks the outcome of the round itself.

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At this point, depending on the bets placed, the player can lose (if not guess the number or the area in which the ball is dropped) or win.

The live version and online roulette are absolutely identical, apart from the fact that there is no downtime, because all operations longer and more complex – mainly the payment of winnings – are performed by the software.


In the game of roulette there are many types of bets that go far beyond that of a single number that po’tutti movies try to “sell” as the most common of all. Knowing all the episodes of the game is important because learning to manage them and maybe combine it with gaming systems to win at roulette , you can raise a more than considerable chances of winning at the table.

To examine all types of bet, start with the so-called double chance :

– Even or Odd / 1-18 or 19-36 / Red or Black

These bets, which pay 1 to 1, are the simplest. As can be seen well from their name, you can point the output of an even or odd number, a number between 1 and 18 or from 19 to 36, and a red or black number.

– Dozens / Columns

Along with the three bets above, complete the so-called outside bets. You can bet on the first, second or third dozen or column, resulting in a payout equal to 2 times the amount wagered.

– Numbers full

You bet on the output of the number dry. Pay 35 to 1.

– Horses

You bet on a pair of numbers. Payment 17 to 1.

– Triplets

You bet on a group of three numbers. Payment 11 to 1.

– Carré

You bet on a group of four numbers. Pay 8 to 1.

– Sestine

You bet on a group of six numbers. Payment 5 to 1.

– Classifieds

The ads are betting that special group a series of numbers positioned adjacent the wheel. The ads are the most famous orphans , the neighbors of zero and the series 5 and 8 .


The roulette wheel is divided into two large families: French roulette (or European) and American roulette. The fundamental difference between these two roulette is given by the fact that in the French roulette has only one 0, while in the American indicates the presence of 0 and 00 (double zero).

Since the 0 is not included in the double chance, it is a number that is to the benefit of the house, and for this reason, the French roulette is more favorable to the player than American, which are equipped with two zeros.

In conclusion, also debunk myths that promise to win at roulette systems.

Although it has been hypothesized many, there are no methods that ensure victory in roulette online or live: it is only to systems that seek to minimize the chances of defeat and maximize your chances of victory.


The well-known French scientist Blaise Pascal, who lived in the eighteenth century, was struggling with his studies on perpetual motion. But as often happens in science, inventions and discoveries happen by chance, perhaps even while you’re studying something different. And so, in an almost involuntary, Pascal invented the roulette – or so I believe historians.

Clearly the ‘prototype’ in French except everything needed to gamble, but with some changes made by the French themselves, but also by the Italians and the British, in a short time they arrived at the pastime that we know today.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, precisely in 1796, Jacques Lablee writes ‘Roulette, ou le jour’, a novel in which are explained for word for word like playing roulette.

The historians mark this date as the official beginning of the era of roulette, although recently there were some documents dating back at least forty years before 1796, and even coming from Quebec (Canada), where in a village were passed laws to prohibit gambling, including also appeared roulette.

We close our short trip in the history of roulette with a legend.

It is said that such Blanc, French player passionate, could discover how to win at roulette. But he would do it by tightening a deal with none other than Satan, selling your soul. Most likely this story was embroidered with art because, curiously, the sum of the numbers on the roulette wheel (1 to 36) is 666, which is considered just the number of the devil.

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