The intelligence of the casinos against fraudsters

Cooperation between the gambling halls is crucial when it comes to ferret out possible cheaters.

You know “Casino” Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone (among others)? A fresco on the casino world of a few decades ago.

Well, today maybe if you get caught with their hands in the cookie jar avoid ricomporvi the face with brass knuckles, but it was once more difficult to fit the scammers, today it has become almost automatic. And “social”, you might say.

By now, in fact, the casinos you will pass the information on possible cheater even if they are competitors. It happens everywhere, from the United States to Australia.

The casinos have developed their own intelligence network, were not even the CIA or the FBI: the tables to multiply and stay one step ahead of professional thieves and card counters, which can pinch numerous casinos in a few days, you must cooperate.

The Mohegan Sun, one of the largest casinos in the world, began to share their information a decade ago, with perhaps the fiercest rival, Foxwoods Resort Casino. Although at the time was more rare than two casinos competitors collaborate, today the common interests have brought down such barriers.

“If something happens to Foxwoods 1, we’ll know no later than 2-2.30,” says Joseph Lavin, director of public safety for the MoheganTribe, which owns and operates the casino.

“It will not take more than a day before the information arrives in Atlantic City, close to Pennsylvania and reaches New York.”

Difficult to determine how much money goes into the pockets of the fraudsters, in a world where luck does the lion’s share. But maximum security, with a surveillance system at 360 degrees, which is the minimum of a billion dollars a year to acquire.

At Mohegan Sun were installed about 4,000 cameras, which are the fleas to all employees: dealers are also scrutinized with the same attention of the players.

Every day can take a hundred alerts: facial recognition of probable cheater reported from other casinos, or even by the police chasing criminals who try to recycle a bit ‘of money.

If a camera detects a possible cheater, security is limited initially to observe that person while playing, before you do something.

An example? Koloshi Bruce, 54, was arrested last September 15. He had been convicted of fraud in Iowa and Nevada, while in Louisiana still had to answer charges that he had marked the cards at the Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge.

The man has seen fit to try to play at the Mohegan Sun, but soon went off facial recognition: in the space of a few hours he was arrested and accused of cards marked with invisible ink.

And it went well that has not been pinched Sam “Ace” Rothstein.

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