Gambling: a new site to fight pathological gambling

In recent years, especially with the advent of new technology, gambling has become a phenomenon of considerable size.

Even in Italy, so late compared to many other countries, the gambling received a boost with the strong commercial presence of numerous advertising of casinos online now present on all media. The risk that can arise from gambling is that it can lead to a real addiction.

From the end of May is Online Gambling , the website that takes care of this kind of pathology. The idea came from a project aimed at prevention, care and treatment of Pathological Gambling (GAP).

The goal is to provide solutions to address this problem, facing it from different points of view and proposing strategies and models of appropriate interventions in each of its areas.

There are many associations and institutions that support and collaborate with the GAP project, starting from the Ministry of Health and Education, to the Caritas Association and Pope John XVIII.

A very important initiative to tackle a disease becoming more widespread in our reality. Both regions that provinces play a key role in the preparation of guidelines for scientific-technical and involvement of the private and public structures that already offer assistance and support to people suffering from this kind of problem.

The activities will be managed and coordinated by the DPA, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Health, using an interdisciplinary team composed of technical and scientific coordination by the central government and local authorities.

Here are the areas on which action is taken:

EPIDEMIOLOGY – epidemiological survey of gambling using the existing institutional surveys (GPS and SPS) and structuring information flow national (regional) can provide realistic estimates with respect to some key indicators for the proper monitoring and sizing of phenomenon.

In addition, monitoring of online gambling aimed at identifying strategies for prevention and response.

PREVENTION – Preparation and dissemination of guidelines for scientifically oriented able to provide strategies for activating actions of selective prevention for early detection of risk factors at a young age and, more generally, of problematic gambling behavior.

CARE AND TREATMENT – Preparation and dissemination of scientifically oriented guidelines that are identified also the types of services and requirements to be eligible to enter the LEA, models for family support and models of standard protocols for the treatment, rehabilitation and jointly, the evaluation of treatment outcomes.

SEARCH – Activation of research and scientific cooperation in the field of neuroscience and therapeutics to better understand the pathogenetic mechanisms of pathological gambling and the best forms of intervention.

In economic times like the one particular that is facing our country felt the absolute need for such an initiative.

This disease can cause serious inconvenience for the person and at the same time can lead to serious financial and social problems. The danger is that people suffering from GAP, presenting a high risk of impaired financial staff, tend to create an impact in the field of family and work, up to a significant amount of indebtedness and the demand for loans strenuous.

All this because many times you think you can solve economic problems through the game, which is seen by many as a viable alternative, simpler and less tiring to the real work.

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